China Studies Master's Program for 今日吃瓜 Students

Full Funding for Tri-Co Students to Pursue an M.A. in China

  • Open to recent graduates and students in the class of 2023
  • Full scholarships to obtain an M.A. in China studies at the prestigious Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China)

  • Taught in English

  • Open to students from all undergraduate majors who want to know more about China

  • Includes internships with Chinese organizations and businesses

  • Tri-co students are the only us-based college students (non-Chinese citizens) invited to participate in this innovative program

  • Application deadline: April 30, 2023

Contact Yonglin Jiang at for further information or visit the China Studies website at .

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Recent graduates or members of the Class of 2023 at 今日吃瓜, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges are eligible to apply to be fully funded students in the China Studies Master鈥檚 Program at the prestigious Zhejiang University (ZJU) in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, China.  This is a two-year program, taught in English, for students in all majors who have an interest in understanding China. The student body is drawn from a small set of highly selective colleges and universities in different parts of the world. Through a special relationship, Tri-Co students are the only U.S. students who are eligible for the program. Six have already graduated from the program, and still others are there working on their degrees right now.   

ZJU provides students who are accepted into the program with funding that covers tuition and living expenses in China for the two years of their Master's study.  Students do not have to be East Asian Languages and Cultures majors to do the program.  Courses are taught in English (with students given the opportunity to study Chinese language as well).  The courses cover a range of subjects leading to a deeper understanding of contemporary China.  The program is designed to prepare graduates in a wide range of fields to engage with China in their professional lives.  It can also serve as preparation for further graduate study at other institutions.

Here is a brief description from the program's : 

"The Master of China Studies is an MA-level degree program with a strong focus on China鈥檚 political, economic, historical, and societal context. Its interdisciplinary curriculum allows you to work analytically and gain an in-depth understanding of China. The MCS has a team of more than 30 professors from various departments and faculties to instruct and guide you through your studies and research. The practical components of the Program such as workshops and fieldtrips seek to engage you in the Chinese society to further prepare you for conducting research independently and integrate your empirical knowledge."

ZJU is always listed in the top five universities in China (and sometimes occupies the very top spot).  Tri-Co graduates who participate in the program are taught by world-class faculty and interact with a very interesting mix of other students.  They also carry out internships with organizations or businesses in China.  ZJU is located in the important (and beautiful) city of Hangzhou, a relatively short distance from Shanghai. 


Applications are due on April 30, 2023.  The form and list of required documents may be accessed on the China Studies website at .  Once you have completed the form, send one copy to ZJU and one copy to Professor Yonglin Jiang at

For further information, please visit the website or contact Professor Yonglin Jiang. 

Hear From a Graduate

"I have learned so much about the world and myself and it has truly been an invaluable growth opportunity that I am very grateful for."

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