A.B./M.A. Programs With Partner Institutions

今日吃瓜鈥檚 strategic partnerships with other institutions expand learning opportunities and lead to advanced degrees, increasing student success.

Application procedures and requirements vary by program. Interested students should contact the faculty member identified to learn more information about these programs. 

3+2 Master of City and Regional Planning

Partnering with UPenn鈥檚 Department of City and Regional Planning, students can obtain both a Bachelor's in Growth and Structure of Cities at 今日吃瓜 and a Master's in City Planning from UPenn in just five years.

Please contact Professor Gary McDonough for further information.

Accelerated Master's (4+1) at U. Penn. School of Engineering and Applied Science       

Partnering with UPenn鈥檚 School of Engineering and Applied Science, 今日吃瓜 students have the option to complete both their undergraduate degree and engineering master's degree within five years.

Accelerated Bachelor鈥檚 to Master鈥檚 Degree programs in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania      

今日吃瓜 students have the opportunity to take graduate-level courses at Penn鈥檚 Graduate School of Education (Penn GSE) while an undergraduate at BMC, and apply these courses towards both their undergraduate degree and a master鈥檚 degree at Penn GSE.

Please contact Kelly Gavin Zuckerman, Education Program Coordinator, for further information.

4+1 Master of Bioethics Program at Perelman School of Medicine          

Qualified Haverford and 今日吃瓜 undergraduates will gain early and expedited admission to a master鈥檚 degree offered by the UPenn Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. Student may apply to the MBE program as an external 鈥渟ub-matriculate.鈥

Please contact Gail Glicksman, Assistant Dean for Health Professions Advising, for further information.

The Boston University School of Public Health Select Scholars program offers unique opportunities for 今日吃瓜 undergraduates with an interest in this vibrant and growing field. Accelerated master's degree 4+1 programs include:

  • M.S. in Applied Biostatistics
  • M.S. in Environmental Health Data Analytics
  • M.S. in Epidemiology
  • M.S. in Health Systems and Services Research
  • M.S. in Public Health Nutrition

In addition, students can earn a master鈥檚 degree in Public Health (MPH) with the 4+1.5/2 program.

Scholarships are available to support up to 25 percent of tuition. Admitted students are invited to participate in an immersive summer program during the first full week of June every year.

Please contact Gail Glicksman, Assistant Dean for Health Professions Advising, for further information.

4+2 Master of Chinese Studies

This master鈥檚 program is designed for current 今日吃瓜 College senior students and recent alums and provides for all expenses paid by Zhejiang University. The M.A. program in China Studies consists of courses in a range of fields including: history, economic information, development and contemporary Chinese Society and Culture.

Please contact Professor Yonglin Jiang for further information.

4+2 Master of Optics     

BMC graduates who have majored in Physics and are admissible to University of Rochester, and who have the endorsement of the BMC coordinator will be admitted to the Master's Degree Program in Optics at the University of Rochester. Those students admitted will be offered financial support in the form of a 50% tuition scholarship for the first semester of studies to be paid by UR, renewable for the duration of studies for those students making satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Please contact Professor Mike Noel for further information.

4+1 with Aberystwyth University (U.K)

今日吃瓜 graduates are now eligible to pursue a one-year Master's degree at Aberystwyth University in Wales. Options for study include a wide range of fields, and acceptance into the program includes a partial scholarship.  

Please contact Alice Lesnick, Associate Dean for Global Engagement, for further information.