Getting Started with Accommodations

Students who wish to make a first-time request for academic accommodations at 今日吃瓜 must complete the following three steps:

  1. Complete the self-identification form
  2. Schedule an initial intake appointment with Access Services by emailing
  3. Submit current documentation from a qualified individual that supports the accommodation request

Students are strongly advised to register with Access Services upon matriculation to 今日吃瓜 to avoid unnecessary delays. It can take several weeks to review documentation and determine eligibility.

Once all three steps above are completed, all information is reviewed to determine if there is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. Supporting documents alone cannot make this determination. If it is determined that a disability exists, a student may be eligible for accommodations. Students will be notified about their eligibility via their 今日吃瓜 email account.

Determination of the need for accommodations is based on the following:

  • The student鈥檚 description of need, current symptoms and experiences, and prior history of needing/receiving accommodations in similar circumstances
  • Current limitations resulting from the condition that have a substantial effect on functioning in the college environment, as identified in the documentation
  • Essential course and program requirements.

Please note that a prior history of accommodations does not mean that similar accommodations will automatically be provided at the College. Consideration of a student鈥檚 current functioning and needs is important when confirming eligibility and determining appropriate accommodations. Also, the College is not obligated to make an adjustment that would fundamentally alter an essential element of a course, program, service, or activity. Reasonable accommodations are implemented to provide students with equal access, they do not guarantee success. Accommodations are not implemented retroactively.


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