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Menu Enhancers and Specials: Spring 2024

National Tater Tot Day 鈥 Friday,  February 2nd  鈥 Lunch 鈥 NDDH

Bougie Hot Chocolate Bar 鈥 Wednesday, February 7th  鈥 Dinner 鈥 Erdman

Valentines Day 鈥  Wednesday,  February 14th  鈥 Lunch & Dinner 鈥 Erdman & NDDH

Avatar - The Last Air Bender 鈥 Thursday 鈥 February 22nd 鈥 Dinner 鈥 Erdman

French Peasant Picnic 鈥 Wednesday, March 6th 鈥 Lunch 鈥 NDDH

Upscale Novelties 鈥 Tuesday, March 19th 鈥 Lunch 鈥 NDDH

Erd Art Exhibit  鈥 Wednesday, March 27th 鈥 Dinner 鈥 Erdman

See Thru Salads 鈥 Friday, April 5th 鈥 Lunch 鈥 Erdman

Taste of Cambodia 鈥 Wednesday    April 10th 鈥 Lunch 鈥 NDDH

Cosplay Picnic 鈥 Friday,  April 19th 鈥 Dinner 鈥 Erdman Green?

Drinkable Meals 鈥 Thursday, April 25th 鈥 Lunch 鈥 Erdman

May Day 鈥 Sunday, May 5th 鈥 All Meals 鈥 TBA

Late Night Afterdark 鈥 Tuesday, May 7th  鈥  10pm 鈥  NDDH

Erd Lemonade Stand 鈥 Tuesday, May 14th  鈥 Lunch 鈥 Erdman Tent

Commencement & Garden Party 鈥 Saturday,    May 18th         

Menu Enhancers and Specials: Fall 2023

Convocation Picnic   鈥   Tuesday, September 5th    鈥  Dinner  鈥    Wyndham Green or Sunken Garden

Karaoke & Snacks  鈥  Thursday, September 21st  鈥  9-10:30pm  鈥  NDDH Courtyard

When life gives you lemons...  鈥  Wednesday, September 27th  鈥  Lunch  鈥  Outside of Erdman

National Taco Day 鈥  Wednesday,  October 4th  鈥    Dinner   鈥   Erdman Green 

Boba  鈥 Wednesday, October 11th   鈥   Dinner   鈥  NDDH Courtyard

 Autumn Breakfast    鈥 Thursday  鈥   October 26th  鈥   Breakfast  鈥  Erdman 

  Halloween  鈥  Tuesday, October 31st  鈥   All Day  鈥   Erdman & NDDH

  Teddy Bar Tea Party & Sweets  鈥  Tuesday  鈥   November 7th  鈥 3:00pm  鈥   Great Hall

  Thanksgiving Dinner  鈥  Thursday, November 16th  鈥  Dinner   鈥  Erdman & NDDH

  Winter Village 鈥  Thursday,  December 7th  鈥    Dinner   鈥  Wyndham Lot

  You've earned your brownies points!  鈥  Tuesday, December 12th  鈥  Lunch  鈥   NDDH 

 "You can deep fry anything" - Discuss!  鈥  Friday, December 15th  鈥  Dinner   鈥   Erdman

  Penny Candy Day 鈥  Tuesday, December 19th  鈥  Lunch   鈥  Erdman

  Late Night Pizza  鈥  Wednesday, December 20th  鈥 10pm  鈥  NDDH

Menu Enhancers and Specials: Spring 2023

National Quiche Day 鈥   Friday, January 20th, 2023 鈥  Erdman Breakfast

Bulgogi Bar  鈥   Thursday, January 26th, 2023 鈥  NDDH Lunch    

Dark Chocolate Dinner   鈥  Wednesday, February 1st, 2023  鈥  Erdman Dinner    

Soul Food Night  鈥    Wednesday, February 8th, 2023  鈥  Erdman & NDDH Dinner

Mardi Gras  鈥 Tuesday, February 21st, 2023  鈥  Erdman Dinner    

Hot Chicken n'  Mac & Cheese  鈥  Thursday, March 2nd, 2023  鈥  NDDH Dinner    

ChiliFest   鈥 Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 鈥   Erdman Lunch    

Sponge Bob Squarepants 鈥  Wednesday, March 29th, 2023  鈥  NDDH Dinner    

Italian Picnic 鈥    Wednesday, April 5th, 2023   鈥 NDDH Lunch    

Brownies 鈥hursday, April 13th, 2023 鈥   Erdman Lunch    

Earth Day Picnic 鈥   Friday, April 21st, 20023   鈥 Erdman & Wyndham Green for Dinner    

May Day  鈥   Sunday April 30th, 2023  鈥  All meals

Cinco de Mayo 鈥  Friday, May 5th, 2023 鈥   Erdman Lunch    

Late Night Karaoke  鈥  Tuesday, May 9th, 2023  鈥  10pm   鈥 NDDH

Commencement / Garden Party 鈥  Saturday, May 13th, 2023

Menu Enhancers and Specials: Fall 2022

Convocation Picnic  | Monday, August 29th  |  Wyndham Green - Dinner

Karaoke Night  | Thursday, September 8th |  Late Night- NDDH

English Tea | Thursday, September 22nd  |   NDDH & Erdman 鈥 Dinner 

Ador-a-bowl - All Vegetarian |  Wednesday, September 28th   |  NDDH Lunch

Not Quite Cheesesteaks| Friday, September 30th |  Erdman 鈥 Dinner 

Mamma Mia  | Wednesday, October 5th  |   NDDH & Erdman 鈥 Dinner 

Autumn Pasta Night  | Thursday, October 20th |   NDDH & Erdman 鈥 Dinner 

Halloween | Monday, October 31st  |   NDDH & Erdman 鈥 Lunch & Dinner

Donuts & Milk  | Saturday, November 5th |  Erdman - Dinner

Hocus Pocus  | Wednesday, November 9th  |  NDDH - Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner  | Thursday, November 17th  |   NDDH & Erdman 鈥 Dinner 

Welcome to Fabulous 今日吃瓜  |  Holiday Dinner  | Thursday, December 1st  |  NDDH & Erdman 鈥 Dinner  |  Wyndham - Gaming

Miss Diane鈥檚 Penny Candy Day |  Tuesday, December 6th  |  Erdman - Lunch

Late Nite Pizza  | Tuesday, December 13th 鈥 10pm |  NDDH


Menu Enhancers and Specials: Spring 2022

The 4 Elements- Dessert & Drinks | Wednesday, January 26th |  NDDH Dinner

Choc Full o' Flavour | Thursday, January 27th  |  Erdman Breakfast

Lunar New Year | Tuesday, February 1st |  NDDH Dinner

Most Epic Soup & Sandwich Combos | Monday, February 9th |  Erdman Lunch

Pop-Up! - Mini Mozzarella & Tomato Panini | Monday, February 11th | Pembroke Arch

Red Velvet Valentine | Monday, February 14th  |  Erdman & NDDH  |  Lunch & Dinner

Pop-Up! - Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Monday, February 14th  |  Canaday Plaza

Pop-Up! - Warm Donut Holes | Monday, February 17th  |  Canaday Plaza

Pop-Up! - Hot Apple Pie Punch | Monday, February 21st  |  Canaday Plaza

Food for the Soul | Wednesday, February 23rd | Erdman & NDDH Dinner

Pop-Up! - Veggie Chili | Monday, February 24th |  Pembroke Arch

Pop-Up! - Buffalo Popcorn Chicken Bites  | Monday, February 28th | Canaday Plaza

Fat Tuesday | Tuesday, March 1st  |  Erdman

Pop-Up! - Overnight Oats  | Thursday, March 3rd | Pembroke Arch

Pop-Up! - Broccoli Cheddar Muffins | Monday, March 14th | Canaday Plaza

Pop-Up! - Irish Potatoes | Thursday, March 17th | Pembroke Arch

Irish Pub Crawl | Thursday, March 17th | Erdman & NDDH Dinner

Pop-Up! - Chorizo Nachos | Monday, March 21st | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Animal Crossing Dinner | Wednesday, March 23rd |  NDDH Dinner

Pop-Up! - French Toast Sticks | Thursday, March 24th | 10.30am | Pembroke Arch

Pop-Up! - Cheesy Bread Twists | Monday, March 28th | 1.30pm  | Canaday Plaza

Alt Burger | Thursday, May 31st |  Erdman Lunch 

Pop-Up! - Jasmine & Ginger Tea | Thursday, March 31st | 1.30pm | Pembroke Arch

Bubble Tea | Wednesday, April 6th |  NDDH Dinner

French Agrarian Lunch | Wednesday, April 13th |  NDDH Lunch

Earth Day Local Picnic | Friday, April 22nd | Sunken Garden

May Day | Sunday, May 1st |  Location TBA

Late Night Milk & Cookies | Monday, May 9th |  Erdman 10pm

Late Night Karaoke & Dessert | Tuesday, May 10th |  NDDH 10pm

Commencement Brunch  | Saturday, May 14th |  Erdman

Garden Party  | Saturday, May 14th |  TBA

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Menu Enhancers and Specials: Fall 2021

Convocation Picnic | Monday , August 30th  |  Dinner on Wyndham Green

a mere trifle | Thursday, September 9th  |  NDDH Dinner

Mac & Cheese | Wednesday, September 15th  |  Erdman Dinner

National Quesadilla Day | Wednesday, September 25th  |  Erdman Dinner

Street Festival | October 1st  |  Dinner

KIDfood | Friday, October 8th  |  NDDH Lunch

Twilight Dessert | October 20th |  Dinner @ Sunken Garden

Cider Pop Up! | October 25th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza 

Chili Fest | Tuesday, October 26th  |  Erdman Dinner

Apple Slices Pop Up! | Thursday, October 28th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Halloween | Sunday, October 31st |  Erdman & NDDH Lunch & Dinner

Hot Chocolate Pop Up! | Monday, November 1st |  1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Fried Mozzarella Balls Pop Up! | Thursday, November 4th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Chocolate Cone with Fresh Fruit Pop Up! | Monday, November 8th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Tomato Soup + Mini Grilled Cheese Pop Up! | Monday, November 10th | 1.30pm | Pembroke Arch

Pickles, Pickles, Pickles | Thursday, November 11th  |  NDDH Lunch

Walking Tacos Pop Up! | Monday, November 16th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

S'mores in-a-bag Pop Up! | Monday, November 18th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Thanksgiving Dinner | Thursday, November 18th  |  Erdman & NDDH Dinner

Milk & Donut Holes Pop Up! | Monday, November 22nd | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Holiday Dinner | Thursday, December 2nd |  Erdman & NDDH Dinner

Hot Chocolate | Monday, December 6th  |  Pembroke Arch

Penny Candy Day | Tuesday, December 7th  |  Erdman Lunch

Late Night Pizza | Tuesday, December 14th  |  NDDH 10pm

Mac & Cheese Balls | Tuesday, December 14th  |  Pemboke Arch

Peppermint Brownies | Thursday, December 16th  |  Wyndham Drive

Menu Enhancers and Specials: Spring 2021

Decorate Your Own Cookie | Sunday, February 14th  |  NDDH & ERDMAN

Soul Food| Wednesday, February 25th | Dinner |  NDDH & ERDMAN

Alt Burger | Wednesday, March 3rd | Lunch |  NDDH & ERDMAN

What have udon! | Thursday, March 11th | Dinner |  NDDH & ERDMAN 

FRY YAY | Wednesday March 17th | 3-4pm | IN FRONT OF ERDMAN

Wooder Ice (that's water ice to you!) | Monday, March 22nd | 1.30pm |  Canaday Plaza

National Health Month - Kombucha & Healthy Fruit Snacks | Wednesday March 24th | with Lunch |  NDDH & ERDMAN

House-made Donut Holes!| Wednesday, March 31st | 1.30pm |  Canaday Plaza

Fresh Popcorn! | Wednesday, April 7th | 1.30pm |  Canaday Plaza

Candy Sushi | Thursday, April 8th | with Dinner | NDDH & ERDMAN

Pretzels & Cheese  | Thursday, April 15th | 1.30pm |  Canaday Plaza

Cotton Candy! | Wednesday, April 21st | 1.30pm |  Canaday Plaza

You're Adorabowl! | Thursday, April 22nd | Lunch & Dinner |  NDDH & ERDMAN

a dinner of Africa & the Caribbean鈥ith BACaSO | Sunday, April 25th |  Dinner |   ERDMAN

Watermelon Fries! | Wednesday, April 28th | 1.30pm | Canaday Plaza

Cinco de Mayo | Wednesday, May 5th| Lunch |  NDDH & ERDMAN

Hand Dipped Ice Cream | Thursday, May 6th | 11am-1.30pm | ERDMAN FRONT

Hand Dipped Ice Cream | Thursday, May 13th | 11am-1.30pm | ERDMAN FRONT

Sunshine Day | Saturday May 15th | 10.30am-1.30pm | ERDMAN FRONT

May Day | Sunday, May 16th | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

Midnight Pizza | Wednesday, May 19th | Late Night |  NDDH