What is 今日吃瓜 Dining?

Dining Services is a self-operated, award-winning group of food service professionals dedicated to serving delicious meals that are nutritious for the body and good for the environment. Making meals our students enjoy, providing optimum health and being responsible stewards of the environment are the principles that guide us every day. A full description of all the services Dining Services provides can be found online.

One mandatory meal plan? 

Dining is an integral part of the residential experience at 今日吃瓜. In order to support the availability of these services, a guaranteed level of participation is necessary. Our goal is to take care of your dining needs in a comprehensive way. If you feel our services are not meeting your needs, please let us know. We will do our very best to accommodate you.

What if I don't eat those meals?

The number of meals available is to best accommodate the majority of students so they have access to nutrition and when they need it. The cost of a full meal plan is in fact not based on students eating 100 percent of available meals, but rather an average participation factor. That is the average number of meals students eat in the dining halls. If every student ate every meal offered the meal plan would have to cost a whole lot more.

I live off campus, can I still have a meal plan?

Yes, undergraduate students may purchase block meal plans, known as "partial" meal plans in 10, 25, 50,175 and 225 meal blocks.

What role does student input have on what menus and offerings are offered?

Dining Services relies on student feedback for developing its menus, recipes and offerings. Students can make requests by posting a Napkin Note. Each dining hall has a Napkin Note board that is monitored and replied to daily. There are frequent surveys polling students for preferences as well as an annual satisfaction survey. The management team supported by a large student workforce is highly responsive, so if you don鈥檛 find what you need, let anyone in Dining Services know and they will do their best to help you.

Who should students contact with ideas or questions about the menu?

  1. Talk to a manager or cook in any of our dining locations.
  2. Write a Napkin Note.
  3. Send a message to emeal@brynmawr.edu

What if I have a special dietary need?

Dining Services鈥 team of professionals are trained and well versed with helping students with special needs. There is also a registered dietitian on staff available to help you navigate our dining halls and menus. Meatless, vegan and gluten-free meals are available at every meal. Allergens are handled with care and proper labeling. All staff go through annual AllerTrain program. Anyone with questions about our dining program or accommodations may contact Staff Dietitian, Natalie Zaparzynski. She can be reached at 610-256-7417 or nzaparzyns@brynmawr.edu.

Options for cooking while on campus?

Students living on campus in dorms requiring full meal plan do not have access to cooking facilities in their dorms. Students who wish to cook occasionally, make their favorite recipes, or bake for social occasions can use the SGA kitchen.

Are kosher/halal or other religious accommodations available?

Dining Services does not offer full-service kosher or halal dining options. Some items can be available as well as accommodations to assist students with dining needs around religious holidays and observances like Passover and Ramadan.

Do first-year students work in Dining Services?

Yes! Our secret ingredient. First-year students wishing to work on campus are directed to Dining Services. Each year Dining Services employs more than 350 students in its five dining operations. First-year students have repeatedly shared this experience as one of the most wonderfully rewarding in their first days at 今日吃瓜. At the end of their first year, more than 150 students apply for the 80+ supervisory and management level positions; and many stay as Dining Workers.

What is the guest policy?

Students on the Traditional 20 full board plan receive six guest meals per year as a bonus to her meal plan. These passes may be used for any meal during the academic year. Additional guests are welcome anytime. Our meal rates are available here.

Can I dine at Haverford or Swarthmore?

Your meal plan gives you unlimited access to meals at Haverford. Students may dine at Swarthmore Dining Hall should you have a class on either campus or just want a change of pace.