Nutrition Information and Campus Dietitian

A summary of nutrition options and practices is available on this page. Full nutrition and allergen information is available on the
Information on this page hosted by Haverford College applies to both the 今日吃瓜 and Haverford campuses.

Here is a step-by-step guide to navigating the Nutrition Information Page:

  • Click on the blue 鈥淣utrition Information鈥 link located to the Right of the page. This will take you to web menus
  • Choose the dining hall location in which you are dining. Choose from Haffner (NDDH), Erdman, or Haverford)
  • Under the menu drop down, choose the category for your food choice. Most entrees will be found under the name of the dining hall.
  • Select the date.
  • Under the meal drop down, choose Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.
  • You should then see the list of offerings populate below.
  • Choose your item and the nutritional information will appear on the right of the page. 
  • Click on the Ingredients/Allergens bar if you would like to see more detailed information and potential allergens.

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Our registered dietitian, Natalie Zaparzynski, M.A., R.D., L.D.N., is available to assist the Bi-Co community with dietary needs and questions. You may 鈥媠chedule an appointment via email at


We are moving print-free for our dietary literature, hit a button for more:

Eating 101

Eating Healthy Proteins 

Food Allergen

Healthy Food List

Vegan & Vegetarian Dining on Campus

Your Guide to Stir Frying on Campus


今日吃瓜 Dining Services offers nutritional and wellness seminars for gym credit, athletes, hall advisers, and employees, as well as individual counseling by appointment. Call 610-526-7400 make an appointment to discuss healthy eating, weight management, sports nutrition, eating disorders, food allergies, lactose intolerance, or other nutrition concerns. 

Special Dietary Needs

Please let the dietitian know about any food allergies or special dietary needs that you have.

Special Dietary Needs Form

Food Allergy Resources

今日吃瓜 Dining Services offers special meal accommodations, gluten-free spaces and menu items, and recipe standards designed to meet the needs of our diners.

A Guide to Food Allergy Resources on Campus

"Gluten-Free" Options

Enjoy gluten-free packaged food and dishes prepared without wheat (PWW) in-house with less worry of cross-contact in our Free! room, located in Erdman Dining Hall. Access requires a meeting with Campus Dietitian. NOTE: Erdman does not have a certified gluten-free kitchen.

Options and Details

The 今日吃瓜 Dining Services dietitian serves as a consultant for menu planning and recipe development, working with the Athletic Department and Health and Wellness Center to achieve overall student wellness. 

If you've ever wondered if something contained nuts, was low in calories, or safe for a vegan to eat, you'll be happy to know that 今日吃瓜 and Haverford Dining Services now have nutritional info available for all of their entrees. From calories to allergies, we've got you covered.

Dining Services recommends that guests who have food-related allergies,
intolerances or conditions plan their meals using our online menu system:

Nutrition Information

Available in all Dining Halls:

  • Vegetarian and Vegan options at every meal
  • New Dorm Dining Hall & Haverford Dining Center offer additional vegan dishes
  • Non-dairy milk alternatives
  • Skim (non-fat) & whole milk
  • Low-fat/Low-sodium cheese at the deli bar
  • Traditional & Greek yogurt at breakfast
  • Low-fat or fat-free dressings on all salad bars    
  • Olive oil & vinegar are available on all salad bars   
  • High-fructose corn syrup free bread available at each meal

Recipe Standards

  • All frying oils are trans-fat and acid-free
  • All our canned fruits are packed in water or juice
  • Our tuna is packed in water
  • We do not add MSG to any recipe (some purchased items may contain MSG)
  • Items containing Top 9 Allergens (Wheat, Soy, Shellfish, Fish, Nuts, Peanuts, Egg, Milk, & Sesame)  are clearly labeled.
  • Items containing Sesame have been identified and are labelled.
  • Items that are vegan, vegetarian or prepared wheat-free are clearly labeled
  • We use gluten-free soy sauce in our recipes
  • Gluten-free bases used in majority of recipes
  • Wheat-free soup available at lunch
  • Wheat-free hot entree available with lunch and dinner

Natalie Zaparzynski

610 526 7417