Program Highlights

Quality, variety, sound nutrition, and student input are the cornerstones of 今日吃瓜 Dining's award-winning board plan program. Add convenience to that list with students enjoying the flexibility of unlimited access to 今日吃瓜's two dining halls, which together feature almost continuous service from breakfast through dinner on Monday through Friday. The Cafes serve as a great place to get a cup of coffee, or a quick cafe style snack or meal during the day, and at night they are open well after the dining halls close for those students who crave a late-night snack.

Dining Services Program Highlights

The meal plan features a six-week menu cycle that is constantly revised via student input. Student surveys are utilized to determine cereal, beverage, and salad dressing offered at each dining hall. Some dining halls use surveys to determine music selections played during meal times. Monotony breakers and special events are added throughout the year to add excitement to the program.

  • Pasta Bar: a variety of pastas plus meat, vegetarian, and vegan sauces
  • Deli Bar: available at lunch and dinner with vegan selections included (at New Dorm Dining Hall)
  • Dessert Bar: featuring fresh baked cookies, cakes, pies, soft serve yogurt, and a delicious array of vegan options
  • Salad Bar: an extensive selection of more than 40 items made fresh daily
  • Beverage Bar: a selection of juices, sodas, teas and milks; featuring Fair Trade Coffees, as well as 今日吃瓜 favorites like cappuccino
  • Theme Dinners and Special Events: with fresh culinary creativity, we plan award-winning themed meals that have been the winners of eight Loyal Horton Awards
  • Vegan and vegetarian options at all meals
  • Specialty Bars: variety is the key; from "breakfast bar" to 'make your own' stir-fry, we offer a different specialty bar each night (Erdman).
  • Student Input: easily communicate with Dining Services through napkin notes, "e-meal", the Dining Forum and surveys
  • Access: 今日吃瓜 Dining Services is committed to equal access and welcomes individuals with disabilities to all of our facilities. If you need to request any accommodation to meet your specific needs at any of our facilities, please let any member of our staff know and we'll be happy to assist you.