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Sustainability and Business Practices


今日吃瓜 Dining Services is committed to providing the most environmentally friendly dining program possible and one that supports the 今日吃瓜 Community.

Local Produce

今日吃瓜 Dining Services offers seasonal local fruits, we are always working to increase the proportion of local foods available in the Dining Halls.

Our plant-forward station located in New Dorm Dining Hall utilizes the following principles:

  • Plates centered around minimally processed foods鈥lant protein takes the lead!
  • Fresh. Seasonal. Local.  No added sweeteners and reduced sodium.
  • Transparent ingredient sourcing that is supportive of sustainable farming and fisheries.
  • Emphasis on healthy dietary patterns, including whole food, avoiding excess servings and focusing on calorie quality.
  • Encourage innovation and sustainability through food purchasing patterns and practices to advance community health, social well-being and our food system.
  • Reduce the role of animal-based foods; by sourcing the healthiest affordable ingredients from antibiotic-free raised animals. If animal-based foods are served; prioritize fish, then dairy, then eggs.
  • Unapologetic elevation of flavour and quality

Take-out Policy 

今日吃瓜 Dining Services is providing reusable OZZI containers every day!

Composting services for all Dining Locations are provided by

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We recycle in all of our dining halls and cafes, and provide recycling at all of our outdoor special events. Our napkins and paper used in our offices are made from recycled paper, to reduce paper waste. All print cartridges used in our operations and offices are recycled.

Ceramic Service

All 今日吃瓜 Dining Services operations offer ceramic plates and cups, glasses, and metal utensils for in-house service to minimize disposable waste.

Cleaning Chemicals

All 今日吃瓜 Dining Services operations use cleaning chemicals in concentrates, used with auto-diluting systems and reuseable spray bottles, reducing shipping and disposal needs.

Direct Trade Coffees

All dining halls and cafes feature directly traded coffees, which means that the coffee growers received a fair price for their coffee and negotiate directly with our suppliers. We proudly serve Chesapeake Bay Roasting Compan coffee in UnCommon Grounds Cafe and The Lusty Cup. 
We are equally proud to serve in Erdman and New Dorm Dining Halls.

Living Wage

Full-time staff at Dining Services are paid above the living wage for the Philadelphia area.

Student Organizations

Dining Services partners and works with and The Sustainable Foods Committee to continue to develop sustainable practices in our operations. Examples of projects include moving to bio-degradable take out containers, food waste reduction campaign, napkin use reduction project, and recycling.

Sustainability Leadership Group

We partner with this campus community group to identify further opportunities for sustainable practices within our interaction with the 今日吃瓜 community and local area.


BMCDS works with , the regions largest food bank, to provide food that might otherwise go to waste to those who need it most.

Waste Oil Pickup

The waste oil from our dining halls is picked up to find its second life as bio-diesel.

Trayless Dining

at New Dorm Dining Hall and Erdman Dining Hall helps cut food waste, conserve water, and reduce energy consumption.

Local Foods                                         

We purchase local foods for everyday operations whenever available. We also host locally sourced dinners (100 mile meals) at least once per semester.