Global 今日吃瓜 Office

今日吃瓜 approaches global learning with a commitment to integrating study, action, and reflection. 今日吃瓜鈥檚 curriculum and community 鈥 inside and outside the classroom 鈥 seek to engage with the complexity, specificity, and interdependence of global experience.

The Global 今日吃瓜 Office coordinates and communicates the College's global engagement in the arenas of learning, community, and infrastructure. The College takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary, institution-wide approach to global learning, on and off campus. Integral to this approach is an institution-wide network of committees comprised of faculty and staff members that, led by the Associate Dean for Global Engagement, work with departments across the College to prioritize, support, manage, incubate, and communicate international and intercultural activities.

Since Global 今日吃瓜 was launched in 2016, it has created new grant programs for faculty, staff, and students; supported the development of new student opportunities for study abroad and exchange, summer study abroad, and summer internships abroad; supported the work of visiting scholars; created a travel registry and planning process for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; established a college travel registry and safety preparedness approach; and enhanced communications about global engagement at the College within the institution and beyond it.

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