Server Accounts and Access

The 今日吃瓜 network and servers are designed to support the academic, research, and business functions of the College. To that end, individuals may receive various service accounts.  Use of all 今日吃瓜 accounts and technology resources are subject to the College鈥檚 Acceptable Use Policy and Data Handling Policy.

Your College username and password can give you access to a variety of services. LITS makes no determinations about employment or affiliation status at Bryn Mawr College. 鈥

See our chart (.xlsx) for a detailed explanation of roles, the accounts to which they are entitled, and the administrative office responsible for overseeing each role.

LITS recommends working with the appropriate administrative office in advance to ensure records are prepared before a new community member's arrival.

Account Provisioning

In order to receive any account, one must be an employee, student, or affiliate of the College. When you become associated with the College, your College username and password are created automatically.  The privileges associated with your College username and password are determined by the type of role you will be fulfilling.  Some accounts or access require the approval of an authorized supervisor or department liaison. Please note: if you request additional access, you will need to request the removal of that access if a person departs or their role changes.

All requests must be made in writing by a relevant supervisor.

Account Closure

The existence of and access to accounts is based on a current, active role at the College. Students retain access for 90 days after graduation or departure from the institution. Access ends for all other individuals when they no longer have an active role entitling them to that access. Once access has ended, LITS will not be able to provide access or files, including those stored in Office 365, on network file storage, in Moodle, etc.

Accounts may be closed or restricted under two circumstances: abuse of access as determined by the Acceptable Use Policy, or departure from the College.

If you have concerns about a community member's accounts or access, please contact the appropriate administrative office first. Departments must communicate with the appropriate administrative office to renew any affiliation or term employment status in advance of its end date to avoid disruption or data loss.

See our Tech Docs for more information about account access for and .

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