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Field Education

Field education provides students with supervised observational learning and practical “hands-on” social work experience in preparation for professional social work practice. 

Mission of Field Education

Field Education is an integral part of the GSSWSR Master of Social Service (M.S.S.) curriculum. Completion of field placement is required for the M.S.S. degree.

Field Education is designed to assist students in the integration of theoretical and conceptual knowledge acquired in the classroom with the direct application of the practical knowledge in their field settings. Field Education prepares students for advanced practice through the mastery of the augmented by knowledge and practice behaviors specific to their advanced specialization. This competency-based approach is based on the measurement of specific practice behaviors. Students will be able to demonstrate the integration and application of competencies in their field practice.

Field Education Requirements

All full- and part-time students must complete four semesters in their field placement. Part-time students carry out field education in their second and third years. (For more information about the part-time student schedule in field, please visit our FAQ page in the section: If I am a part-time student, what is the time requirement for the field placement?)

Advanced Standing Students

Advanced standing students complete two regular academic semesters in their field placement within a one year period. This occurs in the fall and spring semesters. Advanced Standing Students are in the field the equivalent of three full (7.5-hour) agency work days per week throughout their field placement experience, in the fall and spring semester.

Generalist Year Students 

M.S.S. students in their generalist (first) year are in the field the equivalent of two full (7.5-hour) agency work days per week in both the fall and spring semester.

Advanced Specialization Year Students

​​​​M.S.S. students in the advanced specialization year are in the field the equivalent of three full (7.5-hour) agency work days per week in both the fall and spring semester.

Applicants are admitted with the understanding that they must be available for field placements a minimum of fifteen hours/week during regular working hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., including 30 minute lunch break) as part of the two- or three-day/week requirement in field, and that the availability of a field placement occurring only during evening and/or weekend hours is not guaranteed.

Melody King and Dave Scotti — GSSWSR Field Placement

M.S.S. student Melody King and her field instructor at Children and Youth Services in Delaware County, Dave Scotti, discuss the benefits of field education. 


Field Education

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