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Sep. 8: The Basics of Trauma *^ (virtual classroom)

Sep. 22: Trauma in the Workplace * (virtual classroom)

Sep. 22: To Grieve or Not to Grieve * (virtual classroom)

Sep. 29: A Dive into Dialectical Behavior Therapy (virtual classroom)

Oct. 6: Helping Your Clients Cope with Separation and Divorce (virtual classroom)

Oct. 6: Brains, Biology, and Behavior *^ (virtual classroom)

Oct. 13: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy *^ (virtual classroom)

Oct. 14: CBT Tx for Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders *^ (virtual classroom)

Oct. 20: Impact of Intervention-Related Trauma for Children in Helping Systems *^ (virtual classroom)

Oct. 22: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom) SESSION IS FULL)

Oct. 27: Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder^ (virtual classroom)

Nov. 3: The Legacy of Trauma * (virtual classroom)

Nov. 17: Trauma Intervention Tools * (virtual classroom)

Nov. 17: Being a Trauma Informed Organization: Moving From Theory and Self-Assessment to Application (In-Person) REGISTRATION CLOSED

Dec. 1: Delegation:  The Benefits, Pitfalls, and Strategies for Effective Work-Force Empowerment (virtual classroom)

Dec. 1:  CBT Treatment for Depressive Disorders * ^ (virtual classroom)

Dec. 2:  Using Mindfulness in CBT * ^(virtual classroom)

Dec. 3: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

Dec. 15: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

Jan. 5:  Domestic Abuse 101 & Trauma-Informed Care | Domestic Violence Series (virtual classroom)

Jan. 11: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Clinical Certificate *+ (virtual classroom) 

Jan. 12: Orthorexia: The Recent Face of an Eating Disorder (virtual classroom)

Jan. 19: CBT Treatment for Insomnia and Chronic Pain * (virtual classroom)

Jan. 20: CBT for Effective Coping with Trauma * (virtual classroom)

Jan. 26: Intuitive Eating: What Exactly Is It and Why Is It So Challenging to Learn? (virtual classroom)

Jan. 28:  License Exam Prep (virtual classroom) SESSION IS FULL


Feb. 2: Legal Barriers-Crisis Response-Medical Advocacy Services | Domestic Violence Series (virtual classroom)

Feb. 9: CBT for Personality Disorders * (virtual classroom) 

Feb. 10: CBT for Distressed Couples * (virtual classroom)

Feb. 16: Becoming a Psychedelic Therapist* SESSION IS FULL

Feb. 23: Childhood Trauma; the Brain; and Addiction, Health, and Behavior^ (virtual classroom)

Feb. 23: Ethics and Perspectives Working with Non-Monogamous Individuals + (virtual classroom)

Feb. 25 License Exam Prep (virtual classroom) SESSION IS FULL

Feb. 29 Telling Tales of Impact (virtual classroom) (No CEUs) SESSION IS FULL

Mar. 1:  Community Education and Prevention | Domestic Violence Series (virtual classroom)

Mar. 1 and 2: Trauma 201+ POSTPONED (+Ethics CEs available)

Mar. 15:  License Exam Prep (virtual classroom) SESSION IS FULL

Mar. 15: Psychopharmacology, Ethnicity and Culture (virtual classroom)

Mar. 16: Core Principles of Group Psychotherapy * (In-Person)

Mar. 22: Pets as supports...Ethical/Legal Issues for SWs + (virtual classroom)

April 5: Neurobiology of PTSD/Traumatic Exposure (virtual classroom)

April 5: Parenting and Clinical Counseling | Domestic Violence Series (virtual classroom)

April 5: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

April 6: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

April 18: Grey Divorce (virtual classroom)

April 18: Thought Leadership for Social Sector Professionals (virtual classroom) (No CEUs)

April 19: Supporting Clients Taking Psychotropics in the Workplace (virtual classroom)

April 19: Understanding Disenfranchised and Anticipatory Grief - This program has been cancelled.

May 5: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

May 17, 18, 19: Deepening Racial Equity within our Clinical Practice *+

Jun 5: Tech for  Good (virtual classroom) (No CEUs)

Jun 7: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

Jun 21: Screening for Suicide Risk in Youth # ^

Jul 14: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

Aug 10: License Exam Prep (virtual classroom)

Aug. 16: Screening for Suicide Risk in Youth # ^

Sep. 6: Trauma Series - The Basics of Trauma*^+ (virtual classroom)

Sep. 20: Trauma in the Workplace* (virtual classroom)


# = Act 74 Credit - Suicide Prevention Training Requirement
~ = Act 31 Credit - Child Abuse Training Requirement
+ = Ethics Credit
^ = Act 48 Credit - PA License Educators
* = Certificate Program or a Series


^ = Act 48 Credit - PA Educators w/ School Certifications
# = Act 74 Credit - Suicide Prevention
~ = Act 31 Credit - Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
+ = Ethics Credit
* = Certificate Program or a Series

Program times are Eastern Time Zone.


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