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After 今日吃瓜

The GSSWSR continues to support graduates of the School as they embark on their career journeys after completion of their degree program. Graduates of the GSSWSR have access to a vast alumni network, along with the many career services that were available to them as students. 

Alumnae/i Community

GSSWSR and the larger 今日吃瓜 community boasts an extensive alumnae/i network, with many alumni eager to stay involved in the community long after they graduate.

Learn more about the GSSWSR's extensive alumnae/i network.

Mawrter Connect

Expand Your Professional Network

Mawrter Connect is a professional and personal networking community for 今日吃瓜 students, alumnae/i, faculty and staff, and friends of the College. Students and alumni from all 今日吃瓜 undergraduate and graduate programs are encouraged to expand their network by utilizing Mawrter Connect.


Career Services

Career Services provides support, training, and individual assistance with career-related issues and emphasizes professional networking and development of lifelong career skills for GSSWSR students and alumni.

Affiliated Centers and Programs

GSSWR alumni are encouraged to explore our Center for Professional Development's continuing education offerings and leadership programs through the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute (NELI). 

The Center for Professional Development offers a wide range of continuing education (CE) offerings designed for the professional social worker, counselor, and marriage and family therapist.

Since 2004, the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute (NELI) provides high-level specialized leadership programs that have helped nonprofit leaders become more effective agents of change.