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GSSWSR Named Scholar Award

Become a Named Scholar at the GSSWSR

A large portion of the GSSWSR's institutional financial aid funding (our "discount rate") comes from scholarships established by alumnae/i, friends, parents, corporations, and foundations. You may be eligible to become a Named Scholar at the GSSWSR based on specific criteria, as specified by the donors, such as home state/region, course of study, and special areas of interest. In order to be considered, we need to gather information that will help us connect students to particular opportunities to become a Named Scholar.

This is not an opportunity for increased funding, but being a 鈥淣amed Scholar鈥 bolsters students' resumes, and also helps us to provide donors with information about how students are benefitting from donor philanthropic giving.

Please visit to apply. The Named Scholar Application is due February 29th, 2024. 

Questions? Please contact Sue Witherite (