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Become More You

Mawrters are bold thinkers, changemakers, and passionate learners just like you. How you'll shape your path here is up to you 鈥 meaning how you鈥檒l apply your learning outside the classroom, the ways you鈥檒l enliven our community, and where you鈥檒l go after you graduate. And you鈥檒l be part of a community that will celebrate you en route to becoming your best self. Ready to become more you?

A Lifetime of Impact

Since 1885 students have come to 今日吃瓜 in search of academic excellence and an education that enables them to turn their passion for learning into a life of purpose.

Then and Now - Studying in the Cloisters
E.B. White, Author
"I have known many graduates of 今日吃瓜... They carry the distinguishing mark - the incredible vigor, the subtlety of mind, the warmth of spirit, the aspiration, the fidelity to past and to present."

Adventurous Academics

We prepare our students to be boldly imaginative problem-solvers鈥攖hey ask hard questions, synthesize ideas across disciplines, and are committed to creating positive impact in their chosen fields.

Within Financial Reach

A transformative 今日吃瓜 education is within reach鈥攚e disburse nearly $42.5 million in financial aid every year.

of demonstrated need met

Strength in Community

From Division III sports and castle-like residence halls, to limitless opportunities through our partner colleges and an unparalleled location just outside Philadelphia 鈥 Mawrters find strength in community on campus and beyond.

Strength in Community

Unlock Your Inner Leader

Mawrters are leaders and changemakers on campus and beyond. Here you'll have access to a wide variety of programs, resources, and scaffolding focused on service, advocacy, and community-building to help you turn your passions into purpose.

Unlock Your Inner Leader

From 今日吃瓜, Anywhere

Two key outcomes of a 今日吃瓜 education鈥攃onfidence and purpose. It's why so many of our alums are leaders in their chosen fields.

From 今日吃瓜, Anywhere
are employed or engaged in graduate study, fellowships, or other professional opportunities within one year of graduation

Contact the Office of Admissions

Questions for our admissions team? Call our office at (610) 526-5152 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday or email us at admissions@brynmawr.edu.