Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA), founded in 1968, comprises all students currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The mission of the GSA is to keep graduate students informed of College issues that affect them, to keep the College aware of these issues, and to encourage social and academic interactions among graduate students in different departments. Students are encouraged to attend all GSA events and if interested serve on the GSA executive committee or college committees.

The general assembly is a gathering of all members of the GSA and meets twice a semester. These meetings provide students with a forum to discuss and to be informed about issues associated with graduate life inside and outside the college. The dean of the GSAS and other faculty, staff and students are periodically invited to the GSA general assembly to aid in the discussion.

The GSA executive committee (GSAEC) is comprised of representatives from each graduate department and two co-chairs of the GSA. The GSAEC meets periodically throughout the semester to discuss and address graduate issues. One of the main purposes of the GSAEC is to disseminate information concerning the GSAS and GSA to students and faculty within each department, and to gather and report any concerns or complaints from students. If you have any questions about the GSA, feel free to contact your departmental representative or the co-chairs of the GSA.

A list of the GSA committee representatives can be found here.

Campus Committees

Graduate students of the GSAS have a vested interest in attending campus committee meetings, in order to keep the GSA informed of the activities of the college. Without representation, many of our accomplishments may go unnoticed. Committee positions are filled at the beginning of the school year with any willing graduate students. Any position not filled will be assigned to a member of the GSA Executive Committee, to insure there is representation from the GSAS on the committees. For more information or to volunteer for a campus committee please contact GSA co-chairs.

Committee List

Board of Trustees: One student: attend Executive Session of the Meeting of the Board and any Trustees Subcommittee meetings that pertain to the GSAS.

Budget: One student.

General Faculty: One student.

Graduate Council: Two students. One must be a member of the GSA Executive Committee so that there is direct communication between the GSA and the Graduate Council. The other student should be from a different field so that both the Arts and Sciences are represented.

Health Insurance: One student.

Liaison to School of Social Work and Social Research: One student.

Diversity Committee: One student.

Undergraduate SGA: One student.

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