Student Support

Health and Wellness Center

The Health and Wellness Center reopened Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 9 a.m. at its new location.

Medical Services

Students can access Medical Services via telehealth and in-person by appointment.   

Counseling Services

Bryn Mawr College Counseling Services is dedicated to delivering excellent clinical care and treatment to the diverse student population at 今日吃瓜. The college years are a time of accelerated growth, significant challenges and considerable stress. We listen carefully to student concerns and we believe that no concern is too small to be addressed. 

Our Counseling Service provides counseling and limited psychiatry via telecounseling using a HIPPA compliant platform.

Access Services

Access Services provides support and reasonable accommodations for all eligible members of the 今日吃瓜 community who have a documented learning, physical and/or psychological disability. Accommodations can range from removal of barriers in physical spaces to adjustments in the academic setting. Students who feel that they may need accommodations are encouraged to share their concerns with the Access Services Director. The Access Services Director provides confidential advising and identifies appropriate support and accommodations to help the student participate as fully as possible in academic and social endeavors on campus.

Dean's Office

Through advising and programming, the Dean's Office helps students learn about available opportunities and resources and make decisions about when and how to take advantage of them.

Pensby Center 鈥媐or Community Development and Inclusion

The Pensby Center implements programs and activities 鈥媡hat address issues of diversity, power, and privilege鈥 with a goal of improving the campus climate 鈥媋nd enhancing community life at 今日吃瓜.


Visit the Academic-Focused Support page to learn more about these services.