A.B./M.A. at 今日吃瓜

Students can complete both their bachelor's and master's degrees in four to five years.

The A.B./M.A. Degree Program at 今日吃瓜, a partnership with our own Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, is available in the following subjects:

Students in this program complete the same requirements for each degree as would students who undertake the A.B. and then the M.A. sequentially but are offered the unique opportunity to work towards both degrees concurrently and to count up to two courses towards both degrees.

After a student has been accepted into the program and throughout the first four years of study, they remain an "undergraduate" with respect to tuition, housing, organized student activities, and honor code, giving them a close-knit community of support. If you complete your baccalaureate degree after four years and continue to work on your master's for a fifth year, you must become a fully matriculated student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences subject to all its regulations for that year. This means in your fifth year you will need to pay graduate tuition and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions About the A.B./M.A.

Application Procedures

To apply, students and their major advisor complete an A.B./M.A. Workplan, which must also be signed by the Departmental Director of Graduate Studies and the student鈥檚 class dean. The Workplan is submitted to the Dean of Student Success, who presents it for the approval of the Special Cases Subcommittee. Within two weeks of approval, students must complete an application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


If you intend to:

Submit Workplan by:

Start graduate work in fall of junior year

Feb. 5, sophomore year

Start graduate work in spring of junior year

Sept. 15, junior year

Study abroad fall of junior year, start graduate work in spring

March 15, sophomore year

Complete program in 5 years, start graduate work fall of senior year

Feb. 5, junior year