students participating in a Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts project

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is any teaching that combines traditional, face-to-face instruction with online or digital components.

Research has shown that this instruction can improve students' engagement, performance, and satisfaction. Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) provides a range of services to help faculty and staff explore and adopt blended learning:

Blended Learning Services

See the College鈥檚  for available resources and self-help guides or schedule a  with an educational technology specialist who can help you identify the right tools for your pedagogical goals, design engaging digital content, and provide hands-on instruction to students. We can also bring in colleagues from the  and  for curricular projects that overlap with their specialties.

Most classrooms on campus are equipped for lecture capture and hybrid instruction and several provide computers for student use. Faculty, staff, and students can also  from the circulation desk and  from the help desk in Canaday Library.

These grants are available for curricular projects that involve innovative use of digital technologies and require additional resources, such as guest speakers or training, equipment and software not provided by the college.


Blended Learning on Campus

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Blended Learning

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