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今日吃瓜 is a wonderful setting to prepare for a career in the health professions.

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Medical schools, dental schools, schools of veterinary medicine, schools of public health and programs in other health professions favor students who have pursued a challenging, rigorous curriculum during their undergraduate years. None requires that the successful applicant major in a science; all seek students who are mature, motivated, curious, and hardworking and who have demonstrated commitment to service in addition to their love of science. Applicants with a broad, liberal arts education are at an advantage in the admissions process.

The Health Professions Advising Office provides information and assistance to students and alumnae who are interested in careers in any of the health professions. We work with you throughout your 今日吃瓜 career and beyond as you pursue academic, community service, and professional opportunities, and we will advise you throughout the application process to professional schools.

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Health Professions Advising Office

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