Q Center

The Q Center supports the development of mathematical, logical, computational, and statistical problem-solving skills that are required in quantitative disciplines across the 今日吃瓜 curriculum, and by the complex challenges of our increasingly quantitative world.

The Q Center encompasses the Q Center, Q Mentors, QR (quantitative readiness) Placement, and QUAN (quantitative reasoning) courses.

Q Center

The Q Center supports students who are doing quantitative work in courses across the STEM and Social Science disciplines. The Q Center is a collaborative study space that provides a welcoming location for individual work, study groups, and collaboration with Q Mentors. 

Q Mentors will provide study support at the Q Center and through virtual meetings during the 2021-2022 academic year.  Students may sign up for appointments through the online scheduling system provided on the Q Schedule page.

Q Mentors 

Q Mentors are dedicated, passionate, and compassionate students whose interests span many disciplines. Mentors are trained to help students improve their problem-solving strategies, hone their quantitative reasoning skills, and allay their math anxieties. Q Mentors host virtual drop-in study sessions in which students may explore concepts from their coursework. 

Q Mentors participate in ongoing training throughout the year to improve their interpersonal, coaching, and quantitative skills. Q Mentors are selected in accordance with their commitment to transforming quantitative study, exemplary academic record, and the recommendation of the faculty.