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Alliance of Multicultural Organizations

What is the Alliance of Multicultural Organizations?

The Alliance of Multicultural Organizations (AMO) is an organization that functions out The Impact Center, whose purpose is to be a resource to the affinity organizations at 今日吃瓜. It functions as an alliance between these groups, and gives members a forum to offer support to one another in an effort to create a more diverse community.

Through workshops, discussions, and working with The Impact Center staff the goal of the AMO is to help each organization fulfill their mission statement, and create a lasting impact on the 今日吃瓜 Community.

AMO Members

Most of the AMO member organizations are SGA-funded affinity or religious clubs. However, SGA also funds many clubs in other categories that support our diverse student community. Check out all 今日吃瓜 clubs here!

Current AMO List

Asian Students' Association (ASA) (Learn more)

Association of International Students (AIS) (Learn more)

今日吃瓜 Chabad (Learn more)

今日吃瓜 African and Caribbean Student Organization (BACaSO) (Learn more)

BMC Hillel (Learn more)

CAMP (Celebrating All Mixed People) (Learn more)

Filipino Students Association (FSA) (Learn more)

Japanese Arts and Culture Club (JACC) (Learn more)

Korean Student Association (KSA) (Learn more)

Mawrters for Immigrant Justice (Learn more)

Middle Eastern and North African Students' Association (MENA) (Learn more)

Mujeres(Learn more)

Muslim Students Association (MSA) (Learn more)

Sisterhood* (Learn more)

South Asian Students (SAS) (Learn more)

Zami+ (Learn more)

Dharmic Students Association (DSA)
Contact: Abhi Suresh and Purnima Palawat

Contact: Kayla Bass and Esenia Banuelos

Rainbow Alliance
Contact: TBA

Tri-Co National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Contact: Gabrielle Stewart

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
Contact: Anne Nguyen

Resources for AMO Members

Reimbursement forms should be emailed to the Program Assistant, Catherine Taipe. Forms should be in a single PDF with corresponding receipts. Please contact the Program Assistant with any questions.

AMO Coordinators

Breanna Brown CDA

Breanna Brown

Anna Nguyen CDA

Anna T. Nguyen

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