Computer Replacements

今日吃瓜 is dedicated to providing one computer or appropriate access to a computer for each employee with a work-related need. Public computers and kiosks are available throughout campus for employees who do not use a computer for their work but who need to access employee resources online.

Computers for Full-Time Employees

Full-time permanent staff (or multi-year appointment) and tenure-track, tenured and continuing non-tenure track (CNTT) faculty are eligible to receive new computers. The Computer Replacement fund provides one computer to each employee whose job requires regular computer use.

Computers are scheduled for replacement every four years. LITS contacts employees directly when their primary computer is due for replacement. Please request computers for new employees as early as possible.

Employees may choose from a . Computers are delivered with the College鈥檚 newest supported operating system and software suite.

The Computer Replacement fund makes contributions toward a . Any selection that requires additional funding must be paid by department, grant, or research funds. Department approval is required, and a College budget number must be provided. LITS cannot accept personal funds toward the cost of a College computer.

An individual may delay their replacement for a year if the operating system is a version that LITS continues to support. No financial credit is given for waiting; we don鈥檛 recommend delaying for more than one year.

If a staff member leaves the College and the position is filled promptly, the new staff member will use the previous staff member's computer after LITS securely removes all data. LITS will replace the computer when it reaches the end of its scheduled life.

All computers are College property and must be returned to LITS for campus use regardless of departmental contribution.

When a new faculty member is hired, their first primary computer is funded by Startup Funds from the Provost's office. Contact the Provost's office for more information. New faculty members may select a computer from the .

Grant-sponsored fellows may be provided new, grant-funded computers if grant funds permit. If no grant funds are available, they will receive "upgrade" computers (see below).  In either case, computers must be returned to LITS for campus use after a fellow鈥檚 departure.

Other Computer Replacements

LITS provides visiting and interim faculty, part time and temporary staff, and student workers with "upgrade" computers. These are usually 3-4 years old and are replaced at six years (sooner if stock is available). When a computer is no longer needed or a temporary or part time staff member leaves the College, the computer must be returned to LITS for campus use.

LITS confirms that each upgrade computer is in good condition, securely removes all data, and delivers the computer with the College鈥檚 newest supported operating system and software suite. 


The College has invested in a fleet of shared copiers throughout campus and all employees may use these to print. LITS does not fund printers and will purchase and maintain only some models; please use shared printing resources wherever possible.


Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.

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